Sunday, 7. March 2010

Last year

Lo mejor del ultimo año (since Mar 7, 2009)
  1. El orfanato
  2. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  3. La tigre e la neve
  4. Im Juli.
  5. Kill Bill – Volume 1
  6. Léon
  7. Tacones lejanos
  8. Carne trémula
  9. Los abrazos rotos
  10. Belle Époque

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Martin (guest) - 24. Feb, 18:24

A new blog Julia? :)

Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movie ever....
Les invasions barbares has been made here in Québec, so of course it's one of my favorite too. I'm not objective. hehe.

chaulafanita - 25. Feb, 13:22


this blog is not only mine, is from Markus too ;)
We have this blog for Movies only, our life in Movies, we have seem many movies until yet.
And Les invasions barbares is one of the best, of course! We saw last week.
Martin (guest) - 28. Feb, 07:16

The Lives of Others (original German: Das Leben der Anderen).
Do you know this one? The end was very good....

chigliak - 29. Feb, 11:22

I have not seen it, but it was "the thing" in Germany last year... I chose to wait until being with Julia to see it. I will put it on the "Por ver" list, together with "Crash".

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